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Locksmith Terms

We always look for a way of saving money by changing the combination or rekeying your locks instead of replacing the locks. Keying alike your locks make things easier for you and decrease the number of keys on your key ring.

Repair or Replace
We always try and find a cheaper alternative to replacing locks as we know how tight our budgets are.  We will only suggest to replace a lock is the lock it going to cause more trouble in the future.
Supply and install
We supply and install all types of locks, but all our advice will incorporate your needs, your budget and your insurance company standards.

A handle or lever set that opens and closes the door.  Can be lockable or not.

Automatic deadlatch
A deadlatch, the main bolt of which is automatically locked (or deadlocked) when the door is closed.

A plate on the inside of a door through which the cylinder connecting screws and tailpiece is passed.

The horizontal distance from the edge of a door to the center of a lockset.

Barrel Bolt
The common kind of door bolt having a round shoot running in a long continuous guide or strap attached to the backplate, the shoot being provided with a knob or the equivalent for operation by hand.

Cam lock
A lock that has an attached cam that serves as the lock's bolt. Cam locks are often used on cabinets, file cabinets and drawers.

Usually the cylinder with inner co-axial plug which houses the pins, top pins (drivers), or disc tumblers and springs in the cylinder body.

A lock bolt, usually rectangular, that has no spring action, and that becomes locked against end pressure when fully projected. 

A lock with a bevelled latch bolt that can be automatically or manually locked against end pressure when projected. 

A lock having only a square-ended deadbolt operable from one or both sides by key.Double cylinder deadlock  - A deadbolt lock whose bolt may be operated by a key from either side.

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